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Dante´s Cove
Season Neue Folgen Sendezeit
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Darsteller: Gregory Michael, Charlie David (Alles Betty), William Gregory Lee (Sam´s Lake), Tracy Scoggins (Hellborn), Thea Gill (Queer as Folk), Jon Fleming (Will & Grace). www.heretv.com/dantes_cove/about

InhaltLeider wird diese Serie gerade nicht im deutschen Fernsehen ausgestrahlt. Darum findet Ihr hier einen kleinen Episodenguide...

Episode 1: As the season begins, Kevin Archer leaves an abusive home to follow his boyfriend, Toby, to Dante's Cove, a remote tropical island populated by beautiful young residents, gay and straight. Unknown to Kevin, Dante's Cove has a dark and dangerous history, and he is unwittingly being drawn into a web of supernatural intrigue. Arriving at the Hotel Dante (built in the 1840's and recently converted into apartments) Kevin meet his new housemates: Van, a mysterious lesbian artist drawn to the dark side of human nature, Cory, a carefree party-boy who'll hook up with any guy who's interested, and Adam, Toby's straight best friend from high school – who is secretly in love with Toby. At first Kevin and Toby's reunion is wonderful. But soon, Kevin begins hearing a strange voice coming from within the hotel – a voice that is summoning him. Drawn to the basement, Kevin stumbles upon Ambrosius Vallin, an immortal warlock imprisoned for over a hundred and fifty years. In 1840, Ambrosius was engaged to marry Grace Neville, a powerful practitioner of "Tresum", an ancient supernatural religion. When Grace found Ambrosius making love with another man, she killed his lover and cursed Ambrosius to an eternity locked in the Dante's basement. Only the kiss of a young man would set Ambrosius free. Having successfully made Kevin hear his call, Ambrosius summons him to the basement and forces Kevin to kiss him. The kiss from Kevin breaks the curse. Not content to be young and free again, Ambrosius decides Kevin is his destiny, and will stop at nothing to have him. He puts a spell on Kevin, and also turns Cory into a sort of personal slave and spy so that he can keep an eye on Kevin. But Grace won't allow Ambrosius to find love or happiness, and uses her magic to murder Kevin. Ambrosius, who learned Tresum's powers while locked in the basement, succeeds in reviving Kevin. Meanwhile, searching the historical society for an explanation of the strange happenings in Dante's Cove, Toby and Van find the Book of Tresum written in a strange ancient language. Van is able to cast a spell from the book and break the curse on Kevin, freeing him from Ambrosius' hold. It seems like a happy ending, until Ambrosius uses Cory to lure Toby away from the sleeping Kevin, and throws Toby into the ocean to drown.

Episode 2: In part two of Dante’s Cove, we continue on our journey with the residents of the mysterious Hotel Dante. Ambrosius is doing all he can to influence Kevin and lure him to the dark side. He enlists the help of Cory to assist him as a minion to do his bidding. Meanwhile, Grace has been trying to work her way between Ambrosius and his menacing hold on the town. Van and Toby continue to work together to research the history of the Cove while trying to break the spell that seems to have a hold on Kevin. Will they be able to overpower Ambrosius before it’s too late?

Episode 1: Toby is saved from drowning by the ghost children who haunt the Hotel Dante, and they continue to follow him. Van and Toby realize that the children are telling them that someone tried to kill Toby -- the same someone that killed them in 1954! Van’s growing powers attract Grace’s attention. Grace comes looking for her at the Hotel Dante, which she still owns as an absentee landlord. Discovering Van’s paintings and learning that Van possesses one of the two Tresum books – the Book of the Moon – Grace realizes that the newcomer is a possible threat to her. When the older witch challenges her, Van is able to defend herself, but her girlfriend Michelle witnesses the magical battle and storms out. Michelle hates all things supernatural. Kevin gets a new job working construction at the hotel for local fixer Kai. Toby starts work at H2Eau, newcomer Marco Laveau’s classy new beach bar. Ambrosius meets Adam and they become friendly. Ambrosius gets a new look and a new moniker, as he starts going by the name "Bro." Bro and Kevin get a fresh start, meeting as 'strangers' in H2Eau. Toby, determined to find out who tried to kill him, follows Cory and finds Ambrosius. The episode ends in a cliffhanger at Ambrosius' new pad, with Cory's and Toby's lives hanging in the balance.

Episode 2: Van arrives at Bro's pad just in time to save Toby's life. Her new magical powers aren't controlled, but they're strong! She sends Ambrosius and Cory out to sea, presumably to their deaths. But at Cory's funeral, Ambrosius shows up, very much alive. Freaked out over Van's witch power, Michelle issues an ultimatum: leave the island with her or they're through. Desperate to have Michelle back, Van casts an amnesia spell on her. But the spell backfires and Michelle winds up with no memory of Van at all. Her lover has become a stranger. The next thing Van knows, Michelle is making out with hard-bodied scuba instructor, Brit. Meanwhile, there's a new woman in town, Diana Childs. Ambrosius recognizes her -- there's more to this sexy newcomer than meets the eye. She's Bro's teacher, and a powerful practitioner of Tresum. Kevin's flirtation with Ambrosius continues. When Toby tries to warn Kevin that the guy is a dangerous warlock, Kevin dismisses the warning as jealous fantasy. Ambrosius, for his part, is determined to win Kevin over -- not only out of love and lust, but because he needs Kevin to become his sworn Aspirant in time for the upcoming Solstice. Overwhelmed by nascent powers she can't control, Van convinces Grace to take her on as a student. With Grace's help, Van tries to protect Kevin from Ambrosius' magic. But when Kevin goes off for a tryst with another man, it becomes clear that Kevin's problems in his relationship with Toby stem from Kevin, not from any magic. The episode ends with Toby telling Kevin to move out.

Episode 3: Toby and Kevin go on a camping trip to work on their problems. Kevin can't bring himself to open up to Toby, and their relationship looks like it may be ending, until Kevin finally finds the strength to tell Toby how he really feels.Adam goes looking for drugs and finds Colin's underground sex club. Under the influence of the strange local drug Saint, Adam starts to admit his true self. With Bro's help, Adam finds Saint growing wild in the woods, around an old abandoned spring. Bro has followed Adam to the spring, and challenges him to say what he wants. Adam gives in to his attraction to Bro, and goes home with him for a night of abandon. Although Van doesn't get along with newcomer Diana, she finds herself sketching her, almost unwillingly. Grace sees the sketches and finds out Diana is in Dante's Cove. When Grace confronts Diana, we learn that the two are actually sisters -- and sworn enemies. Michelle suffers from increasing instability as her memory tries to resurface. As the stories and the characters intertwine, the surge of sexual energy brings about a surge of magical energy as well, and waves of both break over the sleeping Van. She awakes to find herself lying on the beach in the middle of the night, with Diana standing mysteriously over her.

Episode 4: Van's discovery of the old spring in the woods accelerates her powers. With the help of the spring water, Van is able to read more and more of the book of Tresum. She's also able to read an old parchment she found among the Historical Society boxes at Diana's house, which details the Solstice ritual. She angrily confronts Grace for taking her on as a student, only to use her as a tool in the ritual. Grace, for her part, has learned that the upcoming Solstice will be the very rare and powerful "Libra Solstice," opening up possibilities for power she hadn't known of -- and making her more determined than ever to claim the ritual and prevent Bro from taking part.Michelle's flashbacks from the botched memory spell continue to haunt her, and Adam's friendly offer of drugs to cheer her up only leads her further down the spiral. When the Hotel Dante housemates band together to intervene in Adam's addiction, Adam rejects their pleas. He spirals further into addiction, resorting to anonymous hookups and even a trip to Colin's private sex club. Brought to his knees by the drug, Adam turns to Toby for help. His longstanding repressed love for Toby is finally admitted. Bro, knowing that his magic won't work on Kevin thanks to Grace and Van's repel spell, gets started on an alternate plan to woo Kevin by old-fashioned courtship. He gives Kevin a bracelet with a sun symbol burned into it, which enables him to spy on Kevin and Toby. Toby realizes what's going on, though he can't convince Kevin; he disposes of the bracelet by throwing it in the ocean, where it will be lost on the bottom of the sea forever, or until it finds its way back to Ambrosius. After a confusing encounter with Van, Michelle, utterly hopeless in the world, walks out into the sea and drowns herself.

Episode 5: Van discovers Diana is a Tresum witch, and Diana explains to Van the true importance of the upcoming Libra Solstice – Bro and Grace will be vying for the power to alter one event of the past. Devastated by Michelle's suicide, Van is determined to find a way to put it right and bring Michelle back -- even if it means submitting her will and her power to Grace. As a big storm looms, a couple of hunky guys show up on the Island for a bachelor fling. One of them is Derrick, Kevin's first boyfriend -- who's now getting married. Still not out to his friends from home, Kevin tries to play it straight -- much to Toby's annoyance. Then, the approaching storm traps them all in the Hotel Dante together. When the love charm embedded in Grace's old porcelain doll is accidentally reactivated, the characters wind up in various unlikely pairings. Kai and Marco share a night of wild abandon. Derrick tries to rekindle things with Kevin, but Kevin is finally ready to stay true to Toby. Ambrosius, planning to use the charmed doll on Kevin, first tries it on Toby, making him fall for Adam. But Toby's love for Kevin is stronger than the old love charm, and he breaks free of its influence and destroys the doll before Bro can turn it on Kevin. Furious, and with no other way to get Kevin to swear allegiance to him for the Solstice ritual, Bro kidnaps Toby. Kevin trades himself for Toby’s freedom, becoming Ambrosius' willing Aspirant. The two Avatars, Grace and Bro, meet at the magic Spring at Solstice dawn to battle for the Libra Power. Van and Kevin’s powers are dangerously drained in the battle. Once Grace and Bro have been weakened by their fight, Diana steps in to claim the final prize! This was her agenda all along – to train Bro to make him as strong as Grace, so they would cancel each other out and she herself could claim the power. In a last-ditch plea, Van convinces Diana that her plan for revenge won't repair the damaged Tresum -- that only giving life can stop the cycle of violence. Diana steps aside and allows Van to claim the Libra Power, which Van uses to save Michelle. Van has finally learned that love means putting the needs of another first. Michelle goes back to Iowa to recover, leaving open the question of her future. Our trio of heroes is about to celebrate, when suddenly Ambrosius steps into frame to remind Kevin that he willingly swore service to Bro. Toby and Van are unable to do anything as Ambrosius claims his prize, taking Kevin away with him.

Episode 1: After being sent to another dimension for months by her sister Diana (Thea Gill), Grace (Tracy Scoggins) returns to Dante's Cove with revenge on her mind. She is quickly distracted, however, by newcomer Griffen (Jensen Atwood), who was sent to Dante's Cove to strip Diana of her powers. Kevin (Gregory Michael) and Bro seem to be the Cove's newest super couple, but Kevin's has his own plans brewing. Meanwhile, the mysterious return of a former resident turns Brit's (Michelle Wolff) budding romance with Elena (Jenny Shimizu) on its head.

Episode 2: The discovery of a corpse on the beach sends Grace on a mission to discover the root of the new dark force on Dante's Cove. A perplexed Bro (William Gregory Lee) realizes that he is losing his powers, while Diana is lured by the House of Shadows. Brit's feelings for Michelle (Jill Bennett) begin to return, while Elena can only look on with jealousy. Toby (Charlie David) grows concerned as Adam (Jon Fleming) has a Saint flashback.

Episode 3: With the help of a potion, Grace works her way into Adam's subconscious and soon finds that the House of Shadows has come to Dante's Cove. Diana, meanwhile, is finding it increasingly harder to resist the House's calls. Bro, frustrated by his loss of power, storms home only to find Kevin in a compromising position. Brit and Elena take the time to investigate an ancient box that Brit discovered at the bottom of the ocean.

Episode 4: Grace finally is able to give herself, fully, to the powers of Tresum. Teaming up with Griffen and Bro, Grace temporarily fights off Michelle and the House of Shadows they attack one of the Cove's residents. Kevin pleads with Toby to give him another chance, but Toby shrugs off Kevin's advances saying that he is now in love with Adam. Diana feels herself being slowly torn between the powers of Tresum and the House of Shadows.

Episode 5: An unlikely trio bands together in the season finale to fight the House of Shadows, which has been threatening to take over and possibly destroy Dante's Cove. Chaos ensues all over the island and the fate of all the inhabitants of Dante's Cove lies in the hands of one unsuspecting resident.



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