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Interview mit 10 Reasons to live

Interviewdatum: 10. August 2009.

Paul, Ste, Craig, Johno und Steven, alle fünf Bandmitglieder standen uns Rede und Antwort. „10 Reasons to live“ ist eine britische Rock/Pop-Band mit guten Klängen!

News, Informationen, Musik, Clips und Pics:

Kommentar: Viele kennen sicherlich Ste McNally noch aus der Erfolgsband BBMak. Nach der Trennung von BBMak war er als Solokünstler unterwegs. Nun ist er mit neuer Band zurück: 10 Reasons to live. Viel rockiger und mit erwachseneren Texten rocken sie die Bühnen. 10 Reasons to live schlagen sowohl harte aber auch weiche Töne an, mal zum kuscheln und mal zum abrocken. In jeder Hinsicht meisterhaft! Nachdenklich aber auch Gefühlvoll. Exzellenter Brit-Pop/Rock mit 1a-Gesang!

OBZ: Stellen sie sich bitte mit ihrer Person vor! Was ist Ihre Aufgabe in der Band? Wie ist die Band entstanden?
PAUL: Hi im paul i play rhythm guitar in 10reasons to live, i guess we've
known each other since we were all kids. We each admired each other's
talents and
Had a similar musical style and liking. It was only a matter of time before
we all joined forces.
CRAIG: Drums & Percussion.
JOHNO: I play bass. Weve all known each other for years and have common interests in music which makes this the perfect line up for us.
STEVIE: I play lead guitar in the band. The band have known each other in one way or another for a number of years now and we all shared a common interest in music so we just got together and decided to see if we could make a living out of doing what we love
STE: I'm the singer in the band and its only been about 4 months since i joined. i got a call from Paul the songwriter and he asked me if i would be interested in being the new front man. I really liked there new songs for the second album so i said yes.

OBZ: Wie ist der Bandname entstanden? Gibt es eine Bedeutung?
PAUL: Originally our name was intended as our debut album title, our
producer suggested it one night while recording and it really struck a chord
with all of us. We really liked it and decided to use it as the band name.
CRAIG: Wish i could comment on that one......ha ha, I kind of inherited the name because i only became a part of the band in winter 2008.
JOHNO: It was originally the name of an album we were doing but we thought it would be better suited for a new band name.
STEVIE: We had a change of personel and style of music and thought it would be a good time to change name too so we wanted something that had no major significance to the band but something that left an open question. People often ask us what our ten reasons to live are so it keeps it interesting.
STE: I have no idea?

OBZ: Wie entstehen Ihre Songs?
PAUL:Normally either Ste mak or myself will bring an idea into the studio or
practise rooms and wwe will work on it , developing it with the rest of the
band till were all happy with it.
CRAIG: Usually with Paul!! He'l have a pie of ideas for songs and riffs. We start jammin some of his ideas in rehearsals, and we build songs from there!!
JOHNO: Someone brings an idea whether it be lyrical or musical and we play around without until were happy.
STEVIE: Someone normally turns up with an idea to the studio or to rehearsals and everybody just adds their touch and develops the song. Its interesting hearing everyones different tastes and musical influence's.
STE: When i write song it usually starts from just playing some chords on guitar or piano and just singing a melody and bits of lyrics whatever comes into my head at the time. then i'll record it and listen back. change some parts and write more lyrics till its finished.

OBZ: Wie würdet Ihr eure Musik selber bezeichnen?
PAUL: I think its just light rock , i don't think its trying to be anything
else really. We don't really care for trends or follow other bands we just
do what we do and thats about it.We write and record songs that we like and
we would listen to and if other people happen to like them then thats a
CRAIG: edgey rock with a sprinkling of balls.
JOHNO: this is always a tough question but id say were kind of pop rock, leaning more towards rock when we play live.
STEVIE: I'd say our music varies from song to song but the overall sound is just pop/rock. Pop melodys with rock rythems and riffs.
STE: Its music i would buy and listen to even if i wasn't in the band. I really like that guitar pop rock sound.

OBZ: Ist Musik für sie ein Lebensgefühl? Sollte Musik im Leben der Menschen wichtig sein?
PAUL: I think it plays a massive role in all of our lives my whole life runs
around music and thats just the way i like it :-)
CRAIG: Music runs my life...wherever i am, i'v always got some kind of a soundtrack following me round. I'v already been to court once because my neighbours didnt appreciate my constant noise.
JOHNO: i think music ties people together, When you hear certain songs it can bring back strong memories about certain times of your life.
STEVIE: I dont think i could ever leave music behind. Even after the bands final day you could probably still find me in some dark and damp pub playing to 3 to 4 drunks. I think you should take out of music what you can, if it just cheers you up, helps you to relax or gives you an excuse to get away from the wife for an hour then its up to the listener.
STE: Music is a big part of my life and ive been lucky enough to make my living from it for the past 12 years. but i love that songs can take you back to places and times in your life when you hear them.

OBZ: Was ist das peinlichste was Ihnen je passiert ist? Auf einem Konzert? Oder auf einem anderen Event?
PAUL: i was with some of the lads in a local pub in Liverpool, i happened
to lean back and fall of my chair flat on my back taking with me about 30
empty glasses...embarrasing i can tell you especially when the whole pub
goes silent ...i mean i wasn't even drunk which made it worse haha
CRAIG: Playing at the Philhormonic hall in Liverpool............Capacity crowd of 2000 people. Introduced onto stage as the headlining act. Soon after walking on stage I fell flat on my face. The crowd definitely appreciated it....................Having a sound check at 12:00 in the afternoon and then drinking solidly for 10 hours was to blame for that!!
JOHNO: im not telling you! ha ha.
STEVIE: Embarrassing things happen to me all the time so we could be here all day. Lets just say i have a problems with keeping down my alcohol once ive had too much to drink ha ha!!
STE: It was when i was on stage. the band had come back on for an encore I picked up my guitar. threw the strap over my shoulder and hit myself in the face with the back of the guitar it really hurt and by the time we had finished the last song i had really bad black eye.

OBZ: Ihre Musik kann man hier in Deutschland im Handel bekommen. Wo könnte man sie noch her bekommen?
PAUL: Our music is available from various down load sites but mainly from
our own shop www.10reasonstolive.com
CRAIG: Online from our website, gig purchases.............mybe even off the back of a lorry! (especially in Liverpool!).
JOHNO: go to www.10reasonstolive.com - thats the best place!
STEVIE: Just about anywhere really, the internet, our website, or probably from the second hand shop and the end of the road.
STE: at the the bands website.

OBZ: Spielen sie Ihre Musik immer Live? Ist Ihnen das wichtig?
PAUL: yeah of course , at the end of the day were a band and thats what its
all about.
CRAIG: Always, the only fake thing i'm a fan of is made out of silicone, and
they are generally double D in size.
JOHNO: Definately. I dont understand why people wouldnt want to. Anyone can put on a track and mime to it, it takes real hard work and deication and gives you real satisfaction.
STEVIE: HELL YEAH!! If your not gonna play live then whats the point. Anyone can pretend to be a musician!!
STE: Playing live is so important for a band it keeps the music tight and shows people how good or bad you really are.

OBZ: Was war Ihr schönstes Erlebnis mit einem Fan? Oder mit einigen Fans?
PAUL: i couldn't possibly tell you that without breaking the law haha The
Bryan adams tour was great 10,000 people all singing along with their hands
in the air that was pretty cool..but id have to say everyday we have great
experiences, our fans/friends work very hard for us and we speak to them
daily...We really appreciate their help and we make sure they get
rewarded...normally with alcohol at shows haha.
CRAIG: Nothing beats live performances with a great crowd. Being in Spain and having the crowd sing along to all of your songs (NOT in their 1st language may i add) always feels special.
JOHNO: The best thing i remember is when we toured with bryan adams and we had 20,000 singing our songs. it was amazing.
STEVIE: I always remeber the first autograph i ever had to sign. I didnt know what to say and silly me was signing my credit card signature before i realised i needed a different one for autographs, so there are lots of 10 reasons fans with the tools required to forge my life ha ha.
STE: I only had a chance to do 1 gig before we went away to record the next album. but it was great to get the support of there fans being the new singer.

OBZ: Ist Ihnen der persönliche Kontakt mit Ihren Fans sehr wichtig?
PAUL: very... we value all feedback and opinions and never ever take anyone
for granted.
CRAIG: Of course, we always want to know what they like about our music.
JOHNO: Of course, with nobody to listen to the usic, we wouldnt exist as we are. The fans are everything to us.
STEVIE: Without a doubt. With out them we are nothing and it doesnt hurt to show them your appreciation for their loyalty.
STE: The people who buy the music and come to the gigs are very important because without them it would pointless.

OBZ: Waren sie schon mal in Deutschland? Haben sie in Deutschland mal Musik gespielt?
PAUL: No we haven't , weve been trying to organise something for years but
its just never happened. Hopefully one day we`ll manage it, we would really
like to go to Germany
CRAIG: Never, I'v been to ALDI a few times..does that count??
JOHNO: Not yet but hopefuly very soon!
STEVIE: Im afraid ive never been but i have heard great things about Germany so its on my list of things to do before i die.
STE: I played in Germany with my old band BBMak and went to Berlin when i was a kid before the wall came down it really enjoyed it.

OBZ: Sie haben jetzt die Möglichkeit Ihren Fans, Ihren Freunden, Ihrer Familie und allen anderen etwas mitzuteilen (Danke...). Was möchten sie sagen?
PAUL: i try to thank them everyday ...i know without them this wouldn't be
possible and being around musicians is very hard to put up with ..So once
again your all amazing and please just keep listening and supporting us.
CRAIG: all my family are professional musicians, thay have inspired me over
the years to work hard at what i do and to always better my craft. I'd thank
them for all their help, guidance and support.
JOHNO: Read the album notes (after you bought it of course!) ;)
STEVIE: They give up alot to allow you to persue this type of career. Without them i would never have picked up my first guitar or even been able afford it and no matter what happens they are always there to support you and pick you up when your down. I thank them and love them all.....they know who they are ;-)
STE: I tell them all the time how much i love them. and they have always supported me and the music i make thats how its always been.

OBZ: Was können wir von Ihnen in Zukunft erwarten?
PAUL: The future looks great ...were putting out a new acoustic based album
in the next month or so with a selection of the songs available for free
download very very soon so keep checking our myspace. After that we`ll be
finishing our third album, its already half finished so hopefully that will
be ready before xmas. After that we`ll be back on the road and starting our
fourth album , its all ready written we just need to produce it now for
release late next year. As you can see weve alot to get through..its an
exciting time for us and we cant wait for people to hear all our new music
CRAIG: We'l never top writing, playing, gigging. Wherever we end up we'l
sill be great friends, playing great music (well we think so anyway).
JOHNO: We'e in the midlle of an acoustic project with 2 studio abums in the pipeline. Watch this space!
STEVIE: Lots of trashed hotel rooms and broken t.v's, big parties and national alcohol shortages.....................
STE: Great songs. Great albums. Great gigs.

Kleine Steckbriefe der Bandmitglieder…
- Geburtsdatum: 01.04.1979
- Geburtsort: Liverpool.
- Hobbies: Anything to do with music, cars and just going out with my mates .
- Lieblingsfilm: Jerry Maguire.
- Lieblingsmusik: Prince, Train, better than ezra.
- Lieblingessen: Chinese.
- Lieblingsbuch: Any music biography.
- Lieblingsstadt: Our city :-) Liverpool.
- Lieblingsland: I cant say Germany because ive never been so i would
have to say Cyprus.
- Lebensmotto: Life is just too short ..so live it.

- Geburtsdatum: 18/04/1986.
- Geburtsort: Southport (20 miles from liverpool).
- Hobbies: Football, wasting money, drinking, travelling.
- Lieblingsfilm: Home Alone (Kevin – Allein zu Haus).
- Lieblingsmusik: Rock.
- Lieblingsessen: Lobster.
- Lieblingsbuch: Grey's Clinical Anatomy- Only jokin, I'v not read anything
for sooo long!!
- Lieblingsstadt: Cape Town, South Africa.
- Lieblingsland: South Africa.
- Lebensmotto: "Whatever.......".

- Geburtsdatum: 03/10/1978.
- Geburtsort: Livepool.
- Hobbies: Music! - Favorite film: The life of brian (Das Leben des Brian).
- Lieblingsmusik: The Beatles.
- Lieblingsessen: Meatballs.
- Lieblingsbuch: Lord of the rings (Der Herr der Ringe).
- Lieblingstadt: I'll tell you once of visisted some in germany ;).
- Lieblingsland: See above!
- Lebensmotto: Alaways look on the bright sound of life.

- Geburtsdatum: 14th Feb 08.
- Geburtsort: Liverpool.
- Hobbies: Football (liverpool FC), alfresco drinking with friends, gadgets and gizmos
- Lieblingsfilm: Taken – 96 Hours (Liam Neeson).
- Lieblingsmusik: Rock ( aerosmith, guns n roses etc).
- Lieblingsessen: Anything with cheese.
- Lieblingsbuch: any biography of a rock star.
- Lieblingsstadt: Loved Rome.
- Lieblingsland: my home country.
- Lebensmotto: Take every day as it comes.

- Geburtsdatum: 4 July 1978.
- Geburtort: Liverpool.
- Hobbies:Riding my Vespa
- Lieblingsfilm: Shawshank Redemption (Die Verurteilten).
- Lieblingsmusik: The Beatles.
- Lieblingsessen: Home cooking.
- Lieblingsbuch: Harry Potter.
- Lieblingsstadt: New York.
- Lieblingsland: UK.
- Lebensmotto: Never get stressed.

© 10 Reasons to Live.
© Dewey Darko.



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