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Interview mit John Nathaniel

Interviewdatum: 14. Dezember 2009.

John Nathaniel wurde an einem 06. Juni in Montreal, Quebec (Kanada) geboren, wo er auch heute noch lebt und arbeitet.

News, Informationen, Musik, Clips und Pics:

Sein aktuelles Album können sie unter folgenden Link bestellen:

Kommentar: Ein sehr talentierter Musiker mit erstklassigen Rocksongs. Sowohl temporeich als auch kuschelig langsam. Alles sehr passend und mit vielen coolen Sounds. Bei John Nathaniel Musik hat man Spaß! Mit einigen Songs die so richtig ins Ohr gehen. Unsere Musikempfehlung und ein Beweis dafür, das auch aus Kanada sehr gute Musik kommen kann.

OBZ: Do you write your own songs?
NATHANIEL: I do. I write, compose, produce, record, mix and master my own songs.

OBZ: What does your songs evolve from?
NATHANIEL: I'm not the kind of writer who needs to write from personal experience, so my songs don't grow from a bad break up or a near death experience. I just schedule time to write and my songs grow from my writing sessions.

OBZ: You also write for other artists. Is the collaboration important to you?
NATHANIEL: Yeah, I like writing for other people as well. And the funny thing is that when I record and produce a song I wrote for someone else and I hear the final result, I have the same feeling I have about my own songs. It's the weirdest thing!

OBZ: Is music for you a feeling of life? Do you think music should play an important role in people’s life?
NATHANIEL: It depends. I don't want to be cocky and believe that my music will change the world. I do try to write about important things and I try to write about things that people will relate to. I like to make people think. I'm happy if it can help people.

OBZ: Do you always play your music live? Is that important to you?
NATHANIEL: Yeah, I'm thinking about touring in 2010. Live is where all the action happens and where you really connect with your crowd.

OBZ: With whom would you like to work together?
NATHANIEL: I'd like to work with many people. Maybe Elton John ;) one day!

OBZ: Do you have a dream project?
NATHANIEL: I'm currently working on it ;)

OBZ: What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you? Was it on a concert? Or was it on another event?

NATHANIEL: This one time, I was performing in an outdoor show. Big concert too. At the end I wanted to be a smart ass and I jumped off the stage. I didn't realize the stage was so high till I landed right on my ass. I didn't hurt myself, but it was really embarrassing and didn't look cool at all. What I realize that day is....There is no cool way to fall haha

OBZ: People can buy your music here in the shops. Where else could people get your music from?
NATHANIEL: Actually I'm no distributed in-store. You can easily find my music on www.cdbaby.com (you type my name in the search box "John Nathaniel") or you can find my albums on iTunes and other digital stores.

OBZ: Tell me about the greatest experience you had with your fans.
NATHANIEL: I wrote a song about domestic violence and a lot....but I mean a lot of women later wrote me to thank me for writing that song. For once, I realized that I had an impact on people's lives and that really touched me.

OBZ: Is it important to you to keep in contact with your fans?
NATHANIEL: It's one of the most important things.

OBZ: What is the most important thing in your life?
NATHANIEL: Music and my fiancée ;)

OBZ: Imagine you had one free wish. What would you wish for?
NATHANIEL: Trick question. I really don't know, I'd wish for 3 more wishes!

OBZ: Have you ever been to Germany before?
NATHANIEL: Not yet, but I intend to.

OBZ: Imagine now you have the opportunity to thank all your friends and family. What would you say to them?
NATHANIEL: I would tell them how thankful I am that they put up with my crap all these years and that I'm grateful for their support and that I love them very much.

OBZ: What can we expect of you in the future?
NATHANIEL: new songs, live shows, cool internet features , more Blogs, Music Videos! Who knows ;)

Kleiner Steckbrief von John Nathaniel:
- Hobbies: Music, Theatre, Movies and Hanging out with friends!
- Lieblingsfilm: High Fidelity and Mallrats.
- Lieblingsmusik: 90's post grunge.
- Lieblingsessen: Sushi and Japanese Cuisine.
- Lieblingsbuch: The frustrated songwriter's handbook.
- Lieblingsstadt: NYC.
- Lieblingsland: I'll tell you when I visit more, I haven't been to Europe yet, so there are many countries that I want to visit there.
- Lebensmotto: We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.

© John Nathaniel.
© Dewey Darko.



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