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Interview mit Noah Schuffman (eCupid)

Interviewdatum: 28. November 2012.

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Kommentar:Noah Schuffman hat Spaß an dem was er macht, das merkt man auch in seinen Filmen. Er strahlt vor Lebensfreude, ist witzig, charmant und intelligent. Dr. House, Greys Anatomy oder Desperate Housewifes – in einigen Serien war er schon zu sehen. Doch erst seit eCUPID weiß man, Noah hat es richtig drauf! Ein Schauspieler dessen Talent man im Auge behalten sollte.

Reden wir über den Film „eCUPID“.
OBZ: Gerade ist in Deutschland der Film “eCUPID“ auf DVD erschienen. Können sie uns was zum Film und zu ihrer Figur erzählen?
SCHUFFMAN : eCUPID is an old fashioned love story with a new twist. The story revolves around Marshall (Houston Rhines) and Gabe (played by me). The couple has gotten into a routine and have grown a little distant as couples can do over time. While searching online Marshall downloads an app that promises to help with his love life. Once he downloads the app, Marshalls life begins to change as he is given everything he think he wants and hijinks ensues. Does Marshall like his new life or realize that he had what he wanted in Gabe all along?

OBZ: Wie sind sie an die Rolle in „eCUPID“ gekommen?
SCHUFFMAN: In LA there are "breakdowns" put out by producers, networks, and studios everyday listing the roles that they need to cast. I saw eCUPID in the breakdowns and immediately identified with the role of Gabe. I submitted for the role, was chosen for an audition, and then after several rounds of auditions and chemistry reads I was cast.

OBZ: Wollten sie ursprünglich eine andere Rolle im Film spielen und wie haben sie sich auf die Rolle vorbereitet?
SCHUFFMAN: I auditioned for Gabe from the get go. I totally identified with him as I see a lot of myself in the character. As with all roles, I started my preparation by reading the script a few times. I like to read the story and just enjoy it as an audience member. It is important to have a good grasp of the story before diving too deep. Then I technically break the script and scenes down. Once I am done with the technical stuff I really start to create a history and back story for my character. I start to live the life of this person...figure out what got me to the point where this story begins. I work on my relationship history with all the other characters in the script. Once I feel like I have created enough I drop it. I forget it. I trust that all my history work is there but I dont focus on it. I focus on the current life I am living as the character.

OBZ: Wie war die Zusammenarbeit mit den anderen Darstellern?
SCHUFFMAN: The set was fantastic. Everyone got along. Well, except for Houston and I...we hated each other. Just kidding. We had a great chemistry and everyone became and remains good friends. I have to say it was one of the more enjoyable sets I have worked on.

OBZ: Wie war die Zusammenarbeit mit dem Regisseur?
SCHUFFMAN: JC is an amazing director. Before I was even cast as Gabe, JC pulled me aside during one of the callbacks and said, "Noah, youre perfect. Just try not to do so much. I want to see you." Once I heard that from JC, it gave me permission to really be myself and that is when things started taking off. If only I could be so lucky to always work with directors who understand actors. JC and I have become and remain close friends. We often get together to talk about projects. We are actually working on doing another film together.

OBZ: Wie waren die Reaktionen auf den Film?
SCHUFFMAN: I didnt see any footage or dailies during filming. I usually try to avoid watching anything during a shoot as it is really hard for me to not be super critical of my performances. So, the first time I saw the film was when we had a cast screening. We saw a rough cut with a temp track and it wasnt even color corrected yet. But I was extremely happy with how it turned out. Actually, as soon as it was over my wife leaned over and said, "That was a really good movie. I didnt even realize I was watching you. I was just wrapped up in the relationship." That was the biggest compliment she could have given me or the movie.

OBZ: Wird es seine Fortsetzung von “eCUPID” geben? Wären Sie wieder dabei?
SCHUFFMAN: Its funny...JC and I talked about the possibility of this the other day. I dont know if or when it will happen, but if it does you can sign me up.

Reden wir über Sie.
OBZ: Wollten sie schon immer Schauspieler werden? Oder sind sie nur zufällig dazu gekommen? Und wie sind sie dazu gekommen?
SCHUFFMAN: Ive wanted to be an actor as long as I can remember. We actually have home videos of me when I was about five saying that I wanted to be a movie star. There has never been anything else that Ive wanted to do or been as passionate about as acting. Other than baseball. My high school baseball coach did me a huge favor after my junior year. During our one on one session after the season I asked him why I wasnt starting on the varsity team. He told me that it wouldnt be fair to start me because I missed to much practice due to my involvement in theater and choir. He said that if I wanted to start my senior year I would have to choose baseball over the other activities. That was the last time I put on a baseball uniform.

OBZ: Was war das peinlichste was Ihnen im Leben passiert ist?
SCHUFFMAN: Wow, its hard to pick...I do something embarrassing almost every day. One good story...I was asked to sing at a friends wedding. It was really hot and I was standing in front of the bride and groom. When I looked down at my friend, he was beet red, sweating like crazy, and looked like he was about to pass out. I, very unfortunately, started laughing and forgot the words to the song. I only missed one line before I found my place, but it was horrifying. I felt so bad, like I ruined the wedding, but I think it was much worse in my head than it actually sounded. Were still friends, and they are still married, so it couldnt have been that bad.

OBZ: Was war Ihr schönstes Erlebnis mit einem Fan? Oder mit einigen Fans?
SCHUFFMAN: To be honest, having "fans" is a pretty new thing for me...unless you count my mom as a fan. I dont know if it is something that I will ever get used to, but I think the relationship between a performer and a fan is a special relationship. As an actor, I think the most gratifying experience is live performance. There is such a give and take between a performer and an audience. I have been lucky enough to travel around the country with eCUPID and watch the movie with different audiences. It has been so different...usually when doing television or a movie you dont get that audience interaction, but seeing and hearing how audiences have reacted to this movie has been special.

OBZ: Was würden sie in Ihrem Leben niemals machen?
SCHUFFMAN: Be a politician. I could never change my own ideals in order to raise money from special interest groups.

OBZ: Würden sie auch in einer deutschen Filmproduktion mitspielen?
SCHUFFMAN: I would love to act in a German movie...if they needed a non-german speaking actor.

OBZ: Waren sie schon mal in Deutschland?
SCHUFFMAN: I have been to Germany twice. I actually have family that lives in Köln, which is an amazing city. The last time I was there was 2000, but I would love to go back.

OBZ: Mit wem würden sie gerne mal zusammen arbeiten?
SCHUFFMAN: There are so many amazing actors and directors out there that I would love to work with. I could name a hundred people, but what it really boils down to is that I want to work with anyone who is better than I am. I want to work with people that are going to push me to the limits and make me better.

OBZ: Sie haben jetzt die Möglichkeit Ihren Fans, Ihren Freunden, Ihrer Familie und allen anderen etwas mitzuteilen. Was möchten sie sagen?
SCHUFFMAN: There are no words to describe the gratitude that I have for the support from my parents and my wife. Both my mom and dad have taught me to follow my dreams my entire life and they have always been behind me. I remember the day that I sat down with my mom during my junior year in college to tell her that I wanted to change my major from finance and join the theater department. Her response was something like, "What took you so long? I know this is your calling."
My wife is my rock. She is an amazing woman who tirelessly supports my career and sometimes works even harder than I do to advance it. My friends have always been supportive as well. They always came to support me in plays and musicals even though it wasnt considered "cool" where I come from. After I booked my first professional job in LA, a Taco Bell commercial, I went home (Missouri) for a weekend. I was hanging out with my best friend, Scott, and he said, "Weve all known you are going to make it. We all have faith in you." Hearing that meant more than I could ever explain in words.

OBZ: Was können wir von Ihnen in Zukunft erwarten?
SCHUFFMAN: I am just about to start filming a new web series called "The Valley" which should come out next spring. JC and I are working on a couple of potential projects and I am auditioning for TV and film all the time.

Kleiner Steckbrief von Noah Schuffman:
- Geburtsdatum: ha...an actor never tells.
- Geburtsort: Columbia, Missouri.
- Hobbies: playing, singing, and dancing with my 2 year old son.
- Lieblingsfilm Ferris Buellers Day Off.
- Lieblingsmusik: Right now its Mumford and Sons.
- Lieblingsessen: I like anything. I love to cook, mostly Chinese.
- Lieblingsbuch: Catcher in the Rye.
- Lieblingsstadt: Chicago, IL.
- Favorite Country: Since this interview is for Germany, its got to be Germany, right? :)
- Lebensmotto: May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future.

© Noah Schuffman.
© Dewey Darko.



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