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Interview mit Amber Rubarth

Interviewdatum: 28. Januar 2008.

Amber Rubarth wurde am 21. September 1982 in Santa Ana, Californien geboren. Amber wohnt zurzeit in Brooklyn / New York (USA). Ihre Musik kann man nicht im Handel kaufen. Wer mehr über Amber und über Ihre Musik erfahren möchte?

News, Informationen, Musik, Clips und Pics:

Kommentar: Eine Powerfrau mit einer weichen Stimme. Der jazzige Tatsch in Ihrer Musik macht das ganze zu einem sehr charmanten Musikgenuss.

OBZ: Schreiben sie Ihre Songs selber? Und worüber schreiben sie? Über Ihr Leben?
AMBER: I do write or co-write all of my songs. Most of them are very personal and specific about my life, although sometimes I will make up a story to put across an idea that I've been thinking about.

OBZ: Wie entstehen Ihre Songs?
AMBER: I usually start with either a musical idea that inspires an idea, or a concept that inspires music. I probably spend the most time on developing the lyrics, I am very specific with what I want to say. Sometimes I get pieces of my songs (musical or lyrics) in dreams too.

OBZ: Ihre Songs klingen sehr nach Freiheit, Lebenserfahrungen und von der Liebe? Sehen sie das genauso? Oder was sagen Ihre Songs aus?
AMBER: Yes. I write what I am most inspired by or feel the most emotions around. My biggest struggle in life seems to be finding the balance between independence and cooperation.. lots of times I will have a question in my mind about what I believe on a subject, and through the writing process, I am given an insight. I think that if you really get into writing a song and staying open to the message the song has in store for you, it will always give you more insight than what you started with. I don't want to be the clever one when writing a song, I want to learn from the song.

OBZ: Ihre Musik kann leider nicht in Deutschland kaufen. Wie und Wo kann man diese bekommen?
AMBER: Well, my new album is coming out this Spring and I am working on getting it distributed in Europe. Until then, you can get my music on iTunes, CDBaby.com, and soon Amazon.com as well.

OBZ: Spielen sie Ihre Musik immer Live? Ist Ihnen das sehr wichtig im Leben, live zu spielen?
AMBER: I love performing, and I've been touring a lot these last 3 years, through the US and Europe. I think it helps me develop as a writer because I get to meet all sorts of different people, and hear a lot of stories. Also, I love traveling and feel very lucky I'm able to do my two favorite things as my career, traveling and playing music. It's dreamy.

OBZ: Mit wem würden sie gerne mal zusammen Arbeiten? Zusammen spielen?
AMBER: I've had the honor of collaborating with a couple of my favorite songwriters recently, Adam Levy (of the Norah Jones Band) www.myspace.com/adamlevysings and The Animators www.myspace.com/theanimators). I co-produced the new album with an incredible musician named Gregory Page www.myspace.com/gregorypage and was lucky to fill the studio with some amazing players, including Doug Pettibone on pedal steel (Ray LaMontagne, Lucinda Williams, Mark Knopfler) and Marvin Etzioni (Counting Crows, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Lone Justice).

OBZ: Was ist das wichtigste in Ihrem Leben?
AMBER: The most important thing in my life is creating. Creating wonderful relationships, creating music and art, experiencing and loving life and all the beauty that it holds. I want to become the highest version of myself that I can be, and inspire that in those around me, and be inspired by that quality in people around me.

OBZ: Haben sie schon mal Deutschland besucht?
AMBER: Yes, and I loved it!! I performed on tour in Germany two times last year, once in February (it was cold!) and then again in beautiful September. I spent most of my time in Nurnberg, Wurzberg, and Bad Windsheim (where one of my good friends live). It was one of my favorite parts of the tour, people there were so incredibly nice and I loved the natural quality of the food and the beauty of the cities.

OBZ: Würden sie gerne mal bei einem deutschen Projekt mitwirken?

OBZ: Was bedeutet für sie der Begriff "Independent" im Musikbereich. Ist "Independent" ein sehr wichtiges Wort für sie?
AMBER: Being an independent artist is wonderful for me right now, with the Major Labels there is usually more creative control taken from the artist, and especially since I feel like I'm still developing and finding my own voice, I think it's important to not have anyone suggest which direction to go.

OBZ: Was war für sie das schönste Erlebnis, das sie je mit einem Fan hatten? Oder mit Ihren Fans?
AMBER: Actually, funny thing.. my favorite experience with a fan was in Germany! I was in Nurnberg at a place called Pegnitzbuhne, and there was a man in the front singing all of the lyrics to my songs! And it was my first time there, and I was so happy that he knew all of my lyrics. Then after the show, he came up to me and started to say Thank You, but he didn't speak any English!! It was amazing, it made me realize the power of music and how it transcends any barriers of communication.

OBZ: Ist Ihnen der persönliche Kontakt mir Ihren Fans / Ihren Zuhörern sehr wichtig?
AMBER: Extremely. I write songs that are very vulnerable and honest, and fans are amazing because at shows they will open up and share their experiences with me. I love that.

OBZ: Was möchten sie allen Ihren sagen?
AMBER: Thank you so much for all of your support, it keeps me going and inspires me to no end. I can't wait to see you all in Germany!! :)

Kleiner Steckbrief von Amber Rubarth:
- Hobbies: Baking cookies, sketching, sculpting wood, Aikido, learning new instruments (currently drums!)
- Lieblingsfilm: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Vergiss mein nicht!).
- Lieblingsmusik: Tom Waits.
- Lieblingsessen: Salmon at my Grandma's House.
- Lieblingsbücher: The Little Prince (Antoine de Saint Exupery), The Fountainhead (Ayn Rand), Courage to Create (Rollo May), and anything Dr. Seuss.
- Lieblingsstadt/Städte: New York City and Visby, Sweden
- Lieblingsland/Länder: Tie between Sweden, France, Germany and the US.
- Lebensmotto: "Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." ~Rumi.

© Amber Rubarth
© Dewey Darko



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