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Interview mit Memo Calaca

Private fŁhrte ein Interview mit Memo Calaca.

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Private stellte uns dieses Interview zur VerfŁgung...

An interview with director Memo Calaca.

Next Aprilís Barcelona Sex Secrets is brought to you by the producer/director team Johnny Vendetta and Memo Calaca. They come from the world of film and television, where they have worked on music videos, documentaries and a variety of other mainstream projects.

Barcelona Sex Secrets is their first feature porn movie, coming on the heels of last yearís acclaimed vignette, Blaze & Lorna Go Wild. Their full filmmaking potential has been unleashed in this sizzling seven-scene feature starring Aletta Ocean, Lucy Belle, Priva and Regina Ice.

Find out more about Barcelona Sex Secrets in this interview with director Memo Calaca.

PRIVATE: So, you and Johnny are the guys behind Barcelona Sex Secrets?
CALACA: Thatís right. Iím Memo, Memo Calaca. Johnny and I are the two head guys at Calaca Bros. Entertainment. Iím in charge of the scripts and the directing, and heís in charge of the production. This how we made Blaze & Lorna Go Wild and Barcelona Sex Secrets.

PRIVATE: Where are you from?
CALACA: Iím from Barcelona.

PRIVATE: What was your first exposure to porno?
CALACA: The first porn scene I ever saw involved a blonde nurse and a doctor with a moustache. I was a teenager. Some years later I found out this was from Deep Throat. I guess itís because of this that I like the golden age of American porn in the 70s and 80s, with their stars, that special aesthetic, and those delirious scripts, like New Wave Hookers or The Devil in Miss Jones. Early Michael Ninn was also groundbreaking. My first professional contact with the world of pornography was some years ago. I worked as an editor and I was in charge of the editing and post-production of at least 4 or 5 gonzo movies by actor and director Toni Ribas.

PRIVATE: What about the very first thing you saw by Private?
CALACA: That was a long time ago, but I remember when I was teenager seeing their magazines in the kiosks Ö and, since I couldnít buy them, sometimes my schoolmates and I would steal them! Well, we all have our past, no? Thanks to this we became huge fans of the brand! Oh, I have fond memories of the Pyramid Trilogy by Pierre Woodman. That was when Canal + first came to Spain, and in a way democratized the pornography in our country. I grew up with Private.

PRIVATE: Why did you decide to direct?
CALACA: I had been thinking of directing porno ever since I was a audio-visual student. I always thought it was possible to make something more cinematographic Ö taking better care of the lighting, the artistic direction, the direction, the script and all the other technical aspects. This idea didnít get off the ground until I got in contact with Toni. Thatís when I realized I might be able to direct porno after seeing that the world of pornography is way more normal than what the average person on the street thinks.

PRIVATE: Whatís the difference between more conventional shoots and porno shoots?
CALACA: Iíve worked for ten years as a documentary film, music video, television show and commercial editor, as well as a corporate videos director. The only difference with porno is that there is no explicit sex!

PRIVATE: Tell us about your first vignette, Blaze & Lorna Go Wild.
CALACA: Directing Lorna was my baptism by fire Ö directing a sex scene, which I wasnít so sure I could do. I was lucky to be able to count on Oliver Sanchez and Natalia Zeta, who both got really involved in the project and helped me a lot.

PRIVATE: Tell us about Barcelona Sex Secrets.
CALACA: Itís a topical movie that takes place in Barcelona, where a group of young people live, work, and have intertwining relationships. The movie shows slices of life from these young people, and shows us their worries and desires. There are seven scenes of good sex, and I think each one is special and different.

PRIVATE: You have great performers in this one.
CALACA: It was a huge pleasure to work with the entire cast. The ones that stand out, of course, are the main characters played by Regina Ice, Lucy Belle, Aletta Ocean, Andrea Moranty and Mike Angelo. But I also had great secondary actors like Priva, Jandi Lin, Silvia Rubi, Nick Moreno, George Uhl, Toni Ferrer and of course Oliver Sanchez who is back after our work together on Blaze & Lorna Go Wild.

PRIVATE: What makes this movie different from the others?
CALACA: My angle in porno Ė besides giving the public what it wants Ė is to make good sex scenes and to tell a story where the plotline has importance. It should be a movie that makes sense from beginning to end, with all the technical aspects really taken care of. People should be able to relate to the characters and to get lost in the rhythm of the movie because the sex scenes make sense within the context of the movie.

PRIVATE: Any funny stories from the shoot?
CALACA: The entire shoot was a lot of fun, and I could tell the actors were having a good time, although sometimes they complained that they had to do too much comedy! Sometimes we spent the whole day doing comedy, shooting the porno at the very end. I still remember Mike Angelo and Regina Ice asking me constantly, ďWhen are we gonna fuck? When are we gonna fuck?Ē Also, Andrea Moranty also showed us how he could balance a full 1.5 litre water bottle on top of his dick!

PRIVATE: Thatís talent!
CALACA: This being my second porno, I tried to be as intuitive as possible and to listen to the actorsí recommendations when we were shooting the sex scenes. I let them do a fair amount of improvising, because I didnít want to limit them too much. The only thing I asked was for them to be natural and not to exaggerate, because I like scenes to seem real.

PRIVATE: Which performers impressed you the most?
CALACA: I loved working with Lucy Belle and Regina Ice, who are both main characters in this movie. They really worked hard on the comedy parts and their sex scenes are really intense. Andrea Moranty and Oliver Sanchez were easy to work with too. Theyíve been working for many years, and they made things easier. Mike Angelo also gave excellent results - he left Regina, Priva and Jandi Lin completely exhausted!

PRIVATE: What makes a good porn actress?
CALACA: Besides being attractive, she has to transmit friendliness and naturalness, in the comedy scenes and the sex scenes. I think the public is tired of exaggerated acting and would like to see something subtler and more natural.

PRIVATE: Whatís your movie making process?
CALACA: When writing the script I always start with a situation that leads to a sex scene and from there I start creating the rest of the characters, always making sure the sex scenes donít stop the story in any way. Once the script is done I start concentrating on the storyboard while Johnny begins the production, scouting locations, etc. We cast the performers in together with Private. Photography is of major importance to any audio-visual project, and in this movie I worked with Marco Paquetti and the results are, as you can see, superb. I always direct with two cameras to get two angles in one take. This makes editing a bit more complicated because I always end up with a lot of discarded material, especially in the sex scenes.

PRIVATE: Whatís your next project?
CALACA: Iíve got three stories floating in my head that have to do with my passion: genre movies. One is along the lines of Blaze & Lorna Go Wild, like an exploitation flick in the vein of Tarantino or Meyers Ö another one is inspired by 80s horror movies Ö and the third, I donít really know where to place it, but it would be like a psychological thriller with supernatural elements. Iíd also like to do something for Privateís Fetish line, Pirate, something purely visual and aesthetic without comedy. But nothing is confirmed yet.



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