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Interview mit Jeremy Walker

Interviewdatum: 05. Mai 2008.

Gay-Pornodarsteller Jeremy Walker wurde am 09. September 1980 in Minneapolis, USA geboren. Heute lebt und arbeitet er in MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota, USA.

News, Informationen, Musik, Clips und Pics:

Kommentar: Seht euch doch nur mal diesen Body an, hier nicht schwach zu werden ist wirklich sehr schwer. Wem das nicht ausreicht bekommt noch ein echtes Prachtstück mit einer Länge von 26 cm (laut eigenen Angaben) geboten. Ein Traum von einem Kerl…

OBZ: You shoot porn movies right? What is your normal day like?
JEREMY: A normal day(offset) would include me waking up with a cup of black coffee and then doing about a half hour of cardio. Following that I would immediately eat and proceed to shower and clean up. I then would go to work and train any potential clients I may have. Afterwards I would train myself, this time lifting. I'd eat immediately after lifting and then head home and answer any mail before going to bed.

OBZ: Do they also direct themselves?
JEREMY: The films definitely do not direct themselves. It is up to the directors and photographers to make the actors look good. I have the pleasure of working for randyblue. com, where the crew is very good at what they do.

OBZ: Does your work affect your normal day life? What do your friends think of you?
JEREMY: My work doesn't affect my normal job and only my close friends know about my porn career. They think it's more or less humorous but are supportive.

OBZ: How did you get this job?
JEREMY: Interestingly enough, I replied to an internet ad for a solo masturbation performance. I never originally planned on doing anything further. I guess the money convinced me otherwise.

OBZ: You must get a lot of fan mail. Do you read and answer them? Is it important for you to keep your porn image, or are you a totally different person off set?
JEREMY: I try and answer what fan mail I do get but I do receive some that I'm forced to ignore. As far as my porn image is concerned, I feel I am just an average guy and don't think my image changes. We keep it light on the set as it helps everybody stay loose and comfortable.

OBZ: Have you ever had a problem with your libido while shooting a porn?
JEREMY: Can't say I have yet. I've always felt it is what it is.

OBZ: Don't you have any fear of contracting sexually transmitted diseases?
JEREMY: I know that there is always an outside chance of it happening but we are checked regularly and always wear condoms.

OBZ: What is the most embarassing thing that happened to you on set?
JEREMY: Well, one time we had some unforseen guests come onto what was supposed to be a closed-set. Two female models showed up with their agent while I was doing a toy solo. To say it was awkward would be an understatement.

OBZ: What is the best experience you ever had (generally)?
JEREMY: I enjoy flying out to shoot. Everybody is friendly and it is always enjoyable.

OBZ: Does a porn actor like you have other dreams and goals?
JEREMY: I understand that as an actor I have a shelf-life and am doing what I can, while I can. I am preparing myself for the future financially but honestly don't know where I'll be or what I'll be doing in twenty years. Who knows, maybe I'll be married with kids.

OBZ: Is it easy to become a porn actor?
JEREMY: Yes and no. You have to look the part, but more importantly, you have to be able to perform. You have to be completely comfortable with people around you. If you can perform with little to no problem, you've got it made.

OBZ: Do you think that as an pornactor you should as well do other things, than to just concentrate yourself on acting? And why should you do that? Are you doing other things apart from pornacting? Direction, Go-Go-Dancing, Movies producing.
JEREMY: I go-go dance and promote the site but do not produce or direct.

OBZ: What is it that you would never do in your life?
JEREMY: I'd like to think that I'll never change, regardless of fame or money. I'll never forget that I'm just an average guy from a normal family with down-to-earth friends. That'll never change.

OBZ: Do you have any idols? Who are they?
JEREMY: I don't really idolize anybody but do admire some individuals. I tip my hat to anybody that is willing to put others before themselves.

OBZ: Imagine you have the possiblity to thank all your friends, your family and the people who are important to you in your life, what would you tell them?
JEREMY: To be honest, it would probably just be a generic thank you. Actions speak louder than words, and for that reason I'd try and show everybody somehow.

OBZ: What are your plans for the future?
JEREMY: I'm content doing the acting gig for now but would like to get more into mainstream modeling sometime in the future.

Kleiner Steckbrief von Jeremy Walker:
- Körpergröße: 6'0".
- Gewicht 210 lbs.
- Hobbies: Outdoors, traveling, being with friends/family
- Lieblingsfilm: My favorite recent movie was Michael Clayton. Clooney always dazzles.
- Lieblingsmusik: Favorite band is Alice in Chains.
- Lieblingsessen: Pizza although I rarely eat it.
- Lebensmotto: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
- Lieblingsbuch: Lance Armstrong's It's Not About the Bike.
- Lieblingsstadt: Probably Miami or San Diego.
- Lieblingsland: I like living in the US but visiting the Carribean.

© Jeremy Walker.
© Dewey Darko.



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