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Interview mit Mark Weiler (Matt Wilde)

Interviewdatum: 08. Mai 2008.

Mark Weiler wurde am 07. September 1972 in Ladysmith, WI, USA geboren. Heute lebt und arbeitet er in LOS ANGELES, Kalifornien der Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika.

News, Informationen, Musik, Clips und Pics:
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Kommentar: Mark Weiler, ein echter Casanova. Gut aussehend, seinen Charme kann man nur sehr schwer widerstehen. Aber er besitzt auch eine sehr komische und talentierte Seite. Ob nun als heißer Verführer in erotischen Filmen, als Komödiant in Comedy-Serien oder als Actionheld, Mark Weiler verkörpert einfach alles hervorragend! Ein vielseitiger Schauspieler.

OBZ: In Deutschland laufen gerade auf „DAS VIERTE“ drei ihrer Filme. „Naked Players“, “The Exhibitionist Files” and „Young & Tempting”. Die Sex-Szenen sehen schon sehr realistisch aus, aber echt sind sie nicht, oder? Wenn sie nur gespielt wurden, wie werden solche Szenen gemacht? Da sie ja wirklich nackt in den Filmen auftreten. Können sie sich noch an besondere Erlebnisse am Set erinnern und könnten sie uns was über ihre Rollen erzählen?
WEILER: There’s never been actual intercourse in any of my movies. But the “love scene” is real. The connection between the actors has to be real or the scene doesn’t work. Obviously the kissing is real, and kissing is a very intimate act. I’m glad you think they look realistic, because that’s one common complaint I hear about the genre as a whole. But that’s our job. To sell the fantasy and make it look real.

OBZ: If they are just acted how are they made? Because you are indeed very naked in the scenes.
WEILER: Men wear a nylon stocking over their genitals and women wear a large band-aid over theirs. This protects both actors from getting carried away, and keeps us under-stimulated. It’s possible to channel love and desire in other ways than through genital contact.

OBZ: Can you remind yourself on one specific incident that you had on the set. And can you tell us a bit about your roles?
WEILER: The erotic genre is a fantastic merging of pornography with mainstream cinema. Many of the women I’ve worked with also do hard-core porn. It’s fascinating to get to know them as people. Find out the path that they took to get to this point in time. How they became that uninhibited. I remember sitting in the holding room with two girls while one was preparing for her first anal scene on a hardcore project, and the other girl was giving her advice. The combination of enemas, laxatives, muscle relaxants, the benefits of drinking beer over wine just before hand, etc. They were very matter of fact about it, like two mechanics discussing a car, or two doctors preparing for surgery. The thing I like about the genre is that I can play so many different characters. I’ve played a Southern writer, a jewel thief, a gangster, a cop, a soldier, a businessman, an artist, an actor, an editor, a playboy, a newlywed, a massuesse, etc.

OBZ: Können sie sich noch daran erinnern, wie es war zu ersten mal sich vor der Kamera auszuziehen? Hatten sie Ängste?
WEILER: When I was offered my first role in the genre it was also the first time I was offered pay for my work. I was like, “you mean all I have to do to get paid in this business is take off my pants? And I get to make out with a beautiful woman? I’m in!” Of course, I’m not entirely comfortable being naked, especially around ten clothed men in a work environment. But that discomfort also is what enabled me to remain unaroused during the scene. So I wouldn’t say I was ever ‘afraid,’ but I’m definitely ‘uncomfortable.’

OBZ: Sie drehen auch Filme unter den Namen „Matt Wilde“. Warum?
WEILER: When I first got started in the genre, a lot of folks were using pseudonyms. I think it was a way of hiding so that the people in the mainstream wouldn’t know that we were doing B-films. When imdb. com made the connection and outed my secret identity, I decided I’d make it a little game to see which persona got me more work. Which did people want to see, the reality or the bullshit? As it turns out, they seem to like the bullshit better. Plus you think of all the other unreal stage names out there like Tom Cruise, Nick Cage, Whoopi Goldberg, Vin Diesel, Johnny Knoxville, etc. Matt Wilde’s got a ring and an edge to it, but Mark Weiler is who I am.

OBZ: Neben den sehr heißen Erotikfilmen, drehen sie auch noch andere Filme und spielen schon mal in Serien mit. Ist es für sie wichtig sich nicht auf ein Thema zu legen? Verschiedene Rollen zu spielen? Was macht ihnen dabei am meisten Spaß?
WEILER: I only want to be respected and work as an actor. People on the business end aren’t very creative. They like to think within the box when their money is concerned, which is why you see actors playing the same roles over and over again. Typecasting is good for business. I get paid better to do erotic films, but I’ll always try to balance them with creative, challenging character roles in independent films. It’s always more fun to take on a new role; something that I’ve never done before. I like playing empowered characters rather than the weak or afraid. In the mainstream, the empowered characters are usually bad guys, so I lean more towards the heavies in that genre.

OBZ: Wie sind sie zu diesem Beruf gekommen?
WEILER: Not sure which job you are referring to. My best job was as a regular character on the WB sitcom, “What I Like About You,” with Jennie Garth and Amanda Bynes. I had met the casting director, Debbie Romano at a workshop. She seemed bored with typical actor questions that she was getting from other actors. She stopped and said, “I have a problem with mushrooms growing in my backyard. Does anyone know how to fix that?” I was the only one who had an answer for her (timing and duration of watering in conjuction with sunlight). Not sure if that’s what impressed her about me, but I assume that it’s because I could relate to her as a normal, relaxed person rather than as a nervous actor trying to get work from her.

OBZ: Wie läuft bei Ihnen so ein Drehtag ab?
WEILER: Every production is different. Sometimes we’ll run through the first scene as a walk through with scripts in hand. Then we’ll go hair, make-up and wardrobe. We’ll sit around chatting with the other actors and running lines until our scene is called. Six hours into the shooting day, we get a lunch break. Most shooting days run twelve hours. And that’s it. It’s a lot of patience. The most challenging part is keeping my energy up and balanced throughout the day. I take naps and watch what I eat so that my energy is the same after twelve hours as it was when I arrived on set.

OBZ: Sollte man ihrer Meinung nach als Schauspieler unbedingt noch andere Sachen nebenbei machen? Statt sich nur auf einer Sache / der Schauspielerei zu konzentrieren. Und warum sollte man das Ihrer Meinung nach? Machen sie etwas nebenbei?
WEILER : I’ve heard casting directors say that they hire us for our life outside of acting; the life experience that we bring to a character. I just think it’s important to be happy. Acting makes me happy, but there are prolonged periods of time when I’m not working, so I find other ways to keep my attitude positive. It’s also important to stay in shape in between jobs. And that means working out the mind, body and spirit. I exercise and read daily. I frequently get together with other actors and run scenes to keep my tools sharp. I’m in several charitable organizations to feed my spirit. I attend self-help seminars to keep growing as a person. It’s important to have a strong family and friend base to keep me sane during slow periods.

OBZ: Was ist das wichtigste in Ihrem Leben?
WEILER: That’s such a big question that can be answered in so many different ways. To interpret it literally, my life is the duration of my body. So my health has to be the most important thing.

OBZ: Sie bekommen auch sicherlich Post von Menschen die Ihr Arbeit sehr schätzen (Fanpost). Sind es nur Autogrammwünsche oder teilen die Menschen Ihnen auch persönliche Schicksale mit und machen Ihnen Geschenke? Gab es da auch Briefe die Ihnen im Gedächtnis blieben. Können sie uns da etwas verraten, was Ihnen besonders beeindruckte? Geben Ihnen die Briefe Kraft (bei der Schauspielerei, sonstiges)?
WEILER: The internet has made it easier for fans to find and connect with me. Occasionally I get gifts in the mail, cookies, handcrafts, letters, cards, etc. But more so I get emails. Being that my face is most associated with sex, I get a lot of erotic emails and pictures of naked female fans. Women often seem to want to engage in sex talk with me online. It’s flattering, but I’m more into the real thing.

OBZ: Was war für sie der schönste Augenblick mit einem Fan? Oder mit Ihren Fans?
WEILER: It’s great when fans become friends. But that’s very difficult transition to make. Fans fuel the business with their fantasies and obsessions. When they become over-zealous it can make things uncomfortable. When they treat me like a real person, and can be relaxed and normal, it’s really fun getting to know them as people too. Find out what their passions, goals and desires are.

OBZ: Ist Ihnen der persönliche Kontakt mir Ihren Fans sehr wichtig?
WEILER: When a fan tells me that they love my work, that fuels me. To know that I made an impact on them in someway, even if it’s just arousal, that’s why I do it. I hold up a mirror and allow people to see themselves in a new way. To fantasize about the possibilities that life holds, to imagine what could be. I love my fans and I appreciate all the love they send me.

OBZ: What is it that you would never do in your life?
WEILER: Another good, tough question. Anything I’d say I’d never do, is probably just fear. But sometimes circumstances change in the moment. I’d say I’d never murder someone, but once I walked in on my girlfriend in bed with another man, and I wanted to kill him. And then there are things I’d say I’d never do again like taking stock advice from a stranger, but then I do anyway. I guess I’m a glutton for punishment.

Kleiner Steckbrief von Mark Weiler:
- Hobbies: Fantasy Sports, Watching Movies, Trading Stock Market, Working out
- Lieblingsfilm: True Romance.
- Lieblingsmusik: Incubus.
- Lieblingsessen: Burritos.
- Lieblingsbuch: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.
- Lieblingsstadt: Hermosa Beach, CA.
- Lieblingsland: USA.
- Lebensmotto: It’s all Good, even my desire to change it.

© Mark Weiler.
© Dewey Darko.



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