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Interview mit David Amerman (12 Pack)

Interviewdatum: 29. Mai 2008.

David (Dave) Amerman bekannt aus der Show „I Love New York“ (MTV), auch besser bekannt als 12 Pack. David Amerman wurde am 19. Februar 1983 in Ridgewood New York (USA) geboren wo er auch heute noch lebt und arbeitet. MTV einschalten und keine Folge mit 12 Pack verpassen...

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Kommentar: In seinen Lebenslauf stehen erst zwei Shows (I Love New York, I Love Money). Wir sind uns aber sicher, in Zukunft mehr zuhören. Da er nicht nur als Schauspieler, sondern auch als Model und DJ arbeitet und sogar überzeugt.

OBZ: Wie sind sie an die Rolle in „I Love New York (12 Pack)“ gekommen?
AMERMAN: It was by chance, I recieved a phone call from the Paramount Studios in NY because I had done Elimidate and they wanted me to audition. I didn't want to do it, but I went anyway, got the role, and was talked into it by the producers.

OBZ: Erzählen sie uns bitte etwas über ihre Rolle als 12 Pack und über die Serien "I Love New York" und "I Love Money".
AMERMAN: "12 Pack" is a meathead type, party animal on "I Love NY" who basically doesn't really care about injkuring himself for the sake of good television. On "I Love Money" 12-Pack is reborn a little leaner, with the same party mentality, however, I show my intellegent side and competitive side more-so.

OBZ: Wie lange dauerte der Dreh von „I Love New York“? Ging für sie die Zeit schnell rum?
AMERMAN: The series is shoot in roughly a months time, and with no chicks around but NY and no days off, by the time I left, I was ready to get back to civilization.

OBZ: Was war für sie der schönste Moment beim Dreh?
AMERMAN: I love the way the leopard skin scene came out, it made me laugh at myself and that is rare. Otherwise, the friendships I mad will last a lifetime.

OBZ: Was war das peinlichste was Ihnen im Leben passiert ist?
AMERMAN: Most embarassing thing to happen to me was when I saw the commercial for the final episode I was in and it tried to make me look like I was going to say "I am Gay" I got so pissed I stopped drinking, ran outside, and called my ex up and bitched her out for coming on the show and talking about a gay club I was pretty much forced to go to for my promotional company to do a bicardi promotion. Now the world thinks I was a gay stripper.

OBZ: Mit wem würden sie gerne mal zusammen arbeiten?
AMERMAN: I would love to work more with Real and Chance, Daisy, Meg Hauserman, Entertainer and most of the I love MOney cast minus a few.

OBZ: Würden sie auch in einer deutschen Filmproduktion mitspielen?
AMERMAN: I actually gave it some consideration and If any German producer would like for me to do so I would absolutely love to be a German television star. I would leave the US if oppertunities were great enough in Germany.

OBZ: Waren sie schon mal in Deutschland?
AMERMAN: I have been trying to do a club tour in Germany as a guest host and DJ but my connections are not strong enough.

OBZ: Was ist das wichtigste in Ihrem Leben?
AMERMAN: Most important thing in Life is Hapiness, God, and Health.

OBZ: Was war Ihr schönstes Erlebnis mit einem Fan? Oder mit einigen Fans?
AMERMAN: When I went to Blatimore Maryland I hosted a nightclub where about 500 to 1000 attended, when I stood up onstage to shout out the fans, there were guys and girls throughout the place giving me love and support and it was awesome to see the respect I had from both guys and girls throughout the club. I am a very respectfully person and people often mispercieve me as an asshole because my character 12 Pack comes off very cocky.

OBZ: Ist Ihnen der persönliche Kontakt mit Ihren Fans sehr wichtig?
AMERMAN: It is very difficult at times but I devote a lot of hours of the day to my fans and try to respond to as many as possible. When the show is on air in the US it is most difficult because I get about 300 friend requests a day, so If im not at my computer on day thats 600 plus messages I have to catch up on. So on MYspace SUBJECT is very important and I try to handle all business matters first.

OBZ: Wenn sie eine Wunsch frei hätten. Was würden sie sich wünschen?
AMERMAN: I feel I have been blessed is so many so It would be to inherit a Bill Gates type fortune.

OBZ: Wollten sie schon immer Schauspieler werden? Oder sind sie nur zufällig dazu gekommen? Und wie sind sie dazu gekommen?
AMERMAN: When I was younger I was told I should but never considered until collecge when I got braces to straighten my teeth. I studied film in school and even took acting courses, I got the lead role in my first ever play and figured I would give it a shot, I am just a little timid because of my tattoos.

OBZ: Sie haben jetzt die Möglichkeit Ihren Fans, Ihren Freunden, Ihrer Familie und allen anderen etwas mitzuteilen (Danke...). Was möchten sie sagen?
AMERMAN: I appreciate all those who can see that I am an honest person and those who respect me as I have respect for all people, as we are all equal. And those who admire me, thank you, it does feel good.

OBZ: Was können wir von Ihnen in Zukunft erwarten?
AMERMAN: We have "I love Money" airing shorty in the US and it will be in Germany before you know it, so keep a look out.

Kleiner Steckbrief von David Amermann:
- Hobbies: Sports Memorabilia, DJ, Film, Golf, Baseball.
- Lieblingsfilm: Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
- Lieblingsmusik: House or Hardcore Rock.
- Lieblingsessen: Gandma's Ziti and Meatballs, Lasgna, Straight from Italy.
- Lieblingsbuch: The Passion Trap, Dean C Delis or Seven Steps to Living a Successful life, Joel Osteen.
- Lieblingsstadt: NEW YORK.
- Lieblingsland: USA.
- Lebensmotto: Be honest and fair to all, and enjoy life.

© David Amerman.
© Dewey Darko.



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