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Interview mit Damian Rios

Interviewdatum: 30. Mai 2008.

Damian Rios wurde am 28. März 1979 in Dallas Texas (USA) geboren. Damian Rios lebt und arbeitet derzeit in San Francisco, Californien der Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika.

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Kommentar: Seht euch diesen tollen Typen an, was für ein Körper und was für ein Ständer (21cm – laut eigenen Angaben). Da pocht doch jedes Gay-Porn-Herz. Abstoßend – keinesfalls. Antörnend und erregend – defintiv! Bei Damian Rios geht eine Menge ab…

OBZ: You shoot porn movies right? What is your normal day like?
RIOS: Pretty much my day consist of cleaning up my house and taking care of our puppy Maddox. I go food shopping for dinner and make it to the gym atleast four times a week.

OBZ: Do they also direct themselves?
RIOS: Do movies direct themselves? No, the directors on set usually have an idea of how they want the scene to come out. If the chemistry is good between you and your scene partner and the sex is going good they will usually allow you to keep doing whatever is going on.

OBZ: Does your work affect your normal day life? What do your friends think of you?
RIOS: No, my normal life is the porn industry. They all love it, even my family knows that I do porn and all they want is for me to be happy and I am.

OBZ: How did you get this job?
RIOS: I sent in some pictures to Chi Chi Larue, she is the one I credit for discovering me.

OBZ: You must get a lot of fan mail. Do you read and answer them? Is it important for you to keep your porn image, or are you a totally different person off set?
RIOS: Yes I do get a lot of mail on my myspace, sometimes to much that I cant reply to every single one, unless they ask me a specific question. If all they say is how are you? I dont reply, I get to many of those to tell them how I am doing.

OBZ: Have you ever had a problem with your libido while shooting a porn?
RIOS: At first yes, its very different having sex in your private life and than having it in front of eight people. Now I am used to it so I have no problem whats so ever.

OBZ: Don't you have any fear of contracting sexually transmitted diseases?
RIOS: In the back of my mind yes, but the companies that I work for always use condoms. one of the companies that I work for makes it mandatory to get an STD check before you film, which makes me feel better knowing that my scene partner is also safe.

OBZ: What is the most embarassing thing that happened to you on set?
RIOS: fortunately nothing has happened to embarass me.

OBZ: What is the best experience you ever had (generally)?
RIOS: On set, meeting my bf now of more than 1 1/2 years. We met on the set of my first movie and I love him to death.

OBZ: Does a porn actor like you have other dreams and goals?
RIOS: Of course, I have a passion for medicine and thats what I was doing before I got into the porn industry. I just moved out to San Francisco and would like to get a job soon, right now I have so many projects I dont have time to go job hunting.

OBZ: Is it easy to become a porn actor?
RIOS: It depends, sometimes its better to know someone in the industry so they can put in a good word for you, sometimes all it takes is a pretty face or a huge cock.

OBZ: Do you think that as an pornactor you should as well do other things, than to just concentrate yourself on acting? And why should you do that? Are you doing other things apart from pornacting? Direction, Go-Go-Dancing, Movies producing.
RIOS:: I actually started out by go go dancing. Thats where I met Chi Chi back in 99'. I didnt go right into porn until Jan 07'

OBZ: What is it that you would never do in your life?
RIOS: Are you talking about in movies or in my life?

OBZ: Do you have any idols? Who are they?
RIOS: My Mom, she has always told me to be a strong person to never let bad times in my life to bring me down to rock bottom. To always try your hardest and never look back.

OBZ: Imagine you have the possiblity to thank all your friends, your family and the people who are important to you in your life, what would you tell them?
RIOS: Thank you for being there, thank you for being my support and believing in caring on all my dreams and making them come true.

OBZ: What are your plans for the future?
RIOS: To eventually end back up in ward for emergency pediatric medicine.

Kleiner Steckbrief:
- Körper: Athletic.
- Gewicht: 87 kg.
- Hobbies: Enjoying life.
- Lieblingsfilm: The Fifth Element.
- Lieblingsmusik: Freestyle its music from the 80's.
- Lieblingsessen: Sushi.
- Lieblingsbuch: I dont read much...
- Lieblingsstadt: Rome.
- Lieblingsland: Italy.
- Lebensmotto: Life life as if it was your last day.

© Damian Rios
© Dewey Darko.



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