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The Lair
Season Neue Folgen Sendezeit
1+2 15  -
Darsteller: David Moretti (Murder.com), Dylan Vox (Packers), Colton Ford (Colton), Brian Nolan (Hannah Montana), Peter Stickles (The Girl Next Door), Beverly Lynne (Bloodfist 2050), Matty Ferraro (Fits). www.heretv.com/the_lair/about

InhaltLeider wird diese Serie gerade nicht im deutschen Fernsehen ausgestrahlt. Darum findet Ihr hier einen kleinen Episodenguide...

Episode 1: Thom, an investigative journalist, meets with a strange man who tells him that The Lair, a notorious sex club, is linked to a string of unsolved murders that have been plaguing his small city for years. When Tom's jealous boyfriend, Jonathan, also gets caught up in The Lair, things get personal.

Episode 2: Jonathanís body has been found face-down in the river bank, but unlike the others he has somehow survived. While Jonathan lies comatose in a hospital bed, Damianóan ancient vampire and the leader of The Lairóspeaks of finishing him off for good. Thom, unaware of the scheming vampires in his midst, pays his unconscious boyfriend a visit.

Episode 3: Eric rejoins the boys at The Lair, where Damian initiates him into "the inner sanctum" of fellow hunks risen from the dead. Thom visits The Lair soon after, searching for information about his comatose boyfriend. Damian responds by placing Thom in a near-fatal trance, but Laura saves him just in time. They approach Trout and Belmont for clues, but encounter only more questions. Meanwhile, Damian is coming for Jonathan once more.

Episode 4: Thom encounters Damian in Jonathan's hospital room, instantly reminding Damian of Richard Devere, the man who painted his portrait two centuries ago, the only man he's ever loved. Devere was a vampire who gave Damian immortality and the capacity for evil; Damian in return drove a stake through his heart. He believes Thom to be Devere reincarnated, and Colin takes advantage of Damianís infatuation to finally gain control of The Lair.

Episode 5: Damian suspects one of the vampires of having stolen the missing painting, and he goes to the orgy room to take care of the man who betrayed him. Trout, desperate to gain a search warrant to The Lair, finally discovers evidence that is conclusive enough to gain legal entry. Jonathanís neck wound has healed, to Belmont ís astonishment, but he still has no memory of what happened. Despite Jonathanís amnesia, Damian intends to kill him once and for all. Laura is unwittingly brought into his scheme.

Episode 6: When Laura comes to after the incident with the knife, Sheriff Trout is forced to reconsider what he knows to be true about the island. He and Jonathan revisit The Lair to find Colin in charge, but what has happened to Damian? Thom is mysteriously released from his prison and is reunited with Jonathan. However, the bittersweet scene grows simply bitter when Thom learns that Jonathan is harboring a secret.

Episode 1: With Damian imprisoned, Colin seizes control of the Lair. Ian, a hitch-hiking stranger with a dark secret, is befriended by an islander with terrifying consequences.

Episode 2: Damian appears to Thom in spirit form in an attempt to free himself. Dr. Jake Waldman receives a strange plant, the Lumina Orchis, for an unorthodox experiment.

Epispde 3: The reappearance of Thom's ex-boyfriend, Richie, causes Damian to issue a veiled threat to Thom. Jake's plant starts exerting a strange influence over him.

Episode 4: Dr. Waldman becomes increasingly possessed by the Lumina Orchis, which causes Tim to worry about him. Colin goes outside the Lair in search of victims.

Episode 5: Tim puts a drunk Jake to bed as the evil Mr. Spivey breaks into their house and is killed by the Lumina Orchis which has now become a life force to be reckoned with.

Episode 6: Sheriff Trout, still battling his eyesight troubles, goes out on patrol and finds Spivey's body. Thom meets Ian at the Sheriff's house. Laura is released from jail for lack of evidence. Ian meets Tim in a bar and the two become friendly. Laura and Richie go to Thom's house where they find him sealing the windows up with plastic. Frankie's ghost accuses Colin of burying him alive and reveals that Damian has escaped his prison.

Episode 7: Damian goes out to find a victim but warns Thom to stay put as Colin is plotting to kill him. Jake locks himself in the lab, once again possessed by the plant.

Episode 8: Laura tells Thom she's leaving the island. Sheriff Trout arrives at Jake's and unknowingly exposes Ian the the artificial moonlight machine with horrifying results.

Episode 9: Ian wreaks havoc on the island before becoming wounded. Season two concludes with another Lair showdown as Laura is attacked and Thom faces down Colin.



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