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Interview mit Keith Jordan

Interviewdatum: 27. Dezember 2010.

Keith Jordan wurde in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania (USA) geboren. Keith Jordan lebt und arbeitet derzeit in Los Angeles, California.

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Kommentar: Trotz weniger Rollen hat er bereits bewiesen, das er ein talentierter Schauspieler ist. Charmant und smart, genau der Schwiegersohn den man gerne seinen Eltern vorstellen möchte. Keith Jordan sollte man im Augen behalten, da wird noch einiges kommen...

OBZ: Did you always want to become an actor? Or did you become an actor incidentally? And how did you become an actor?
JORDAN: I definitely always wanted to be an actor from a very young age. As long as I can remember. I think I also wanted to be a Ghost Buster and a Ninja Turtle from ages 5-9. (lacht)

OBZ: Just recently the movie "EINE ÜBERRASCHUNG ZUM FEST" (Make the Yuletide Gay) came up in Germany on DVD. Could you please tell us something about the movie and your role?
JORDAN: It is a great little family Christmas movie, it was a blast to work on. I hope everyone in Germany enjoys it.

OBZ: How did you get the role?
JORDAN: I got the role the traditional way I had an audition that got me a call back that got me the part.

OBZ: Did you originally want to play another role? How did you prepare yourself for this role?
JORDAN: I would have been open to play any of the roles, but I don't think I have the right look for "the girl next door" role. I prepared by first reading the script and then just making some choices about my character. Then just having some fun with it.

OBZ: How was the collaboration with the other actors?
JORDAN: The other actors were a blast to work with. All awesome people who brought great energy to the set.

OBZ: You have also acted in the movie „Upper East Side Love“ (Suburban Girl) together with Sarah Michelle Gellar, Maggie Grace and Alec Baldwin. Could you please tell us something about it? Did you have a chance to learn something? How was the collaboration with the other actors.?
JORDAN: It was a great learning experience for me. Always a pleasure to work with such established actors. I just tried to absorb as much knowledge as I could for the short time I was on set.

OBZ: What was the most beautiful experience at the shooting that you had?
JORDAN: Working with such talented actors is always a wonderful experience.

OBZ: What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you in your life?
JORDAN: I would say having so much trouble with an incredibly long monolog. I had to do that take probably 10 times to get it right. I felt bad for everyone waiting on me.

OBZ: We noticed that you have only been seen in “Independent Movies” so far. What does “Independent” mean to you?
JORDAN: It means getting to work with people who have the same dreams and aspirations that I do.

OBZ: With whom would you like to work together?
JORDAN: Someone who can make me look good.

OBZ: Do you have a dream project?
JORDAN: Of course, at this point in my career most of my projects are still just dreams.

OBZ: Have you ever been to Germany before?
JORDAN: Nope. But I hear its beautiful. I'd love to visit.

OBZ: Would you act in a German movie as well?
JORDAN: Of course!

OBZ: Imagine now you have the opportunity to thank all your friends and family. What would you say to them?
JORDAN: I try to thank my family and friends as much as possible. I owe them a lot for putting up with me.

OBZ: What can we expect of you in the future?
JORDAN: I am currently writing/producing/starring in a new Webseries called "Walking in LA" We will be shooting in February and releasing content ASAP. Keep an eye out. The website will be up soon...www.walkinginlatheseries.com

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