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Interview mit Adam Stidham

Interviewdatum: 06. Oktober 2006.

Adam wohnt zurzeit in Los Angeles, Kalifornien wo er auch gerade Musik am College studiert. Seine Musik kann man nicht im Handel kaufen. Wer mehr über Adam und über seine Musik erfahren möchte?

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Kommentar: Großartige Songs die einem zum Nachdenken anregen, zudem hast Adam Stidham eine tolle Stimme.

OBZ: Schreiben sie Ihre Songs selber? Und schreiben sie über Ihr Leben?
STIDHAM: Yes, I write all of my own words and music. I write about significant things that are either happening to me at the moment, or that have happened to me in the past and still have an affect on me.

OBZ: Worum geht es in Ihren Songs?
STIDHAM: Most of my songs right now are about love. The songs just come out based on the feelings that I am feeling at that moment, which, recently, have been romantic ones. I also like to write about deeper things, like God and the struggles of life in general. This is really evident in songs like "Drowning" and "Wake Up New". these are the things I think of most often and it only seems fitting that I write about them. But whatever I am singing about, I have to make sure that I can sing it with strong passion and meaning. Otherwise i just feel like I am faking it up there.

OBZ: Wie entstehen Ihre Songs?
STIDHAM: My songs almost always start with a musical melody or chord progression. the mood of the song is so dependent upon the music that I find it easier to do this first. Once I have a solid idea for the musical structure of the song, I can think about lyrics. First I will try to come up with some sort of theme or underlying tone for the song, and try to fit it into a chorus or hook. Once I do that, I have a pretty good foundation to builid the rest of the song around.

OBZ: How long do they already make for music?
STIDHAM: I have ben writing music for about 6 or 7 years. But I didn't get serious about it until about a year or so ago.

OBZ: They study still? What do they study? Is your music then only for besides?
STIDHAM: Right now I am studying music at a school in Los Angeles. I am mainly focusing on music right now, taking a break from the four year university I attended before. I do plan to go back and get my degree, because the music business is so competetive that its smart to have something to fall back on.

OBZ: What up to now was the largest event in your life?
STIDHAM: The most influencial moment in my life so far would have to be towards the beginning of my high school years when I was really struggling with a lot of sad things that were going on in my life at the time. It was the darkest time in my life, but I am so glad I had to go through it because it forced me to re-evaluate my purpose in life, and caused me to rely more on God as my source of meaning.

With whom did they become gladly times together work?
STIDHAM: I have not had the oportunity to work with anyone super famous yet, but if i did, I would like to work with Jeff Tweedy of Wilco or Matt Hales of Aqualung. These two guys really know what theyre doing, and it would be cool to see what makes them tick.

OBZ: What is the most important in its life?
STIDHAM: The two most important things to me are God and family. I don't know where I would be without either. ive really been blessed to grow up in a good home with parents and siblings who really care about me and have helped me stay close with God.

OBZ: Were they already times in Germany?
STIDHAM: I have never been to germany. I havent even been to Europe! I would love to visit your lovely country someday. Hopefully Ill get to play there sometime.

OBZ: Would they participate also times in a German project?
STIDHAM: If anyone has a project they want to pitch to me, Im listening.

OBZ: There is a dream project for it (Music, Filmmusic)?
STIDHAM: Well I would love to be able to tour the world playing music. Perhaps a more realistic goal for the near future would be having my songs in movies. Some of the songs Ive written might fit nicely on a soundtrack.

OBZ: What would they like to say to your fans?
STIDHAM: I am so thankful to all of those who have taken the time to listen to my music, and who have said such nice things to me about it. I hope to keep writing and I hope that you will keep listening. Thanks!

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