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Interview mit Timothy Daniel

Interviewdatum: 27. Mai 2008.

Timothy Daniel wurde Februar 1980 in Elkhorn, Wisconsin (USA) geboren. Heute lebt und arbeitet Timothy Daniel als Musiker in Suracuse, New York (USA).

News, Informationen, Musik, Clips und Pics:

Kommentar: Timothy Daniels Musik eignet sich besonders für Clubs und Strandpartys mit Freunden, aber auch bei einer Autofahrt mit offenen Verdeck. Gute-Laune-Texte und eine coole Stimme die zusammen perfekt harmonieren. Daniel ist bereits ein Star in Japan und das zu Recht! Top!

OBZ: Do you write your own songs?
DANIEL: Yes - always

OBZ: What does your songs evolve from?
DANIEL: Generally, my songs begin as nostalgia or a story I'm told. I tend
to gravitate towards songs about illusions.

OBZ: You also write for other artists. Is the collaboration important to you?
DANIEL: It is important to me that I continue to create. Sometimes I
create songs which could be delivered with more potency by an artist with a
different set of strengths. I am more interested in my songs getting life
than I am intent on being the only vehicle for them.

OBZ: Is music for you a feeling of life? Do you think music should play an
important role in people’s life?
DANIEL: Music (along with film, construction, and invention) make me feel
alive. I am only happy when I am producing something. I can't say that I
think everyone should do as I do, but I certainly hope everybody can find a
way to feel as good as I feel after making something I can be proud of.

OBZ: Do you always play your music live? Is that important to you?
DANIEL: . I've given a few hundred performances since my first opening gig
on April 4, 2004. I much prefer writing and recording to recreating my
music night after night on tour. Sometimes, I feel like I am perverting my
songs by performing them even after I have exhausted most of my emotion.
After a some time on the road, I really struggle to remain genuine on stage.
That is when I know it is time to start writing again.

OBZ: With whom would you like to work together?
DANIEL: I would love to develop musically to the point where I could spend
time creating music with Ben Folds.

OBZ: Do you have a dream project?
DANIEL: I would like to write a film, direct, act, edit, and create all of
the music for that film.

OBZ: What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you? Was it on a concert? Or was it on another event?
DANIEL: I performed very poorly in Reno a couple of years ago. I tried to
play an extra song to recover, but I just never got it together. I played
longer than I was supposed to, and I did not make friends with the musicians who I bumped with my failed attempt. It was humliating.

OBZ: People can buy your music here in the shops. Where else could people get
your music from?
DANIEL: I think Amazon.com and CDBABY.com are the best places to get my music.

OBZ: Tell me about the greatest experience you had with your fans.
DANIEL: One fan's family hired me to perform at her house with my bass
player (Brett Hobin). They invited fifteen or twenty people who turned out
to be a dream audience. The fan created friendship bracelets for Brett and
I which we still wear. Any time fans make tshirts, posters, or other gifts
from their hearts...it is very special and memorable for me.

OBZ: Is it important to you to keep in contact with your fans?
DANIEL: It is important for me to remember that there are people who are
affected in a constructive way by my music. When I lose touch with that, I
find myself squandering my time on less worthwhile persuits.

OBZ: What is the most important thing in your life?
DANIEL: Creativity is the most important element of my life.

OBZ: Imagine you had one free wish. What would you wish for?
DANIEL: I would wish for the abolishment of the notion of unearned
entitlement. I think it is a plague feeding on our accomplishments and
devolving human kind.

OBZ: Have you ever been to Germany before?
DANIEL: I have only had connecting flights in Germany. I have yet to
explore Germany.

OBZ: Imagine now you have the opportunity to thank all your friends and
family. What would you say to them?
DANIEL: In this day and age, I feel as if I am able to communicate with
(and visit) everyone I care about on a regular basis.

OBZ: What can we expect of you in the future?
DANIEL: I've recently purchased a church. I'm converting it into a home
and a recording studio. I will record a new record starting this fall.

Kleiner Steckbrief von Timothy Daniel:
- Hobbies: Computing, filmmaking, writing.
- Lieblingsfilm: The Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind (Vergiss mein nicht!).
- Lieblingsmusik: Doves, Martin Sexton, Ben Folds, Duncan Sheik, and Josh
- Lieblingsessen: Thai Food.
- Lieblingsbuch: Atlas Shrugged.
- Lieblingsstadt: San Francisco, California.
- Lieblingsland: The country with a government which intrudes on the
lives and decisions of its citizens least is my favorite country.
- Lebensmotto: "There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and
the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil." (Ayn Rand).

© Timothy Daniel.
© Dewey Darko.



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