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Interview mit Mr. Marcus

Interviewdatum: 11. August 2008.

Ein Pornodarsteller und ein Pornoproduzenten. Mr. Marcus wurde am 04. September 1970 in Pomona / CA, Amerika geboren. Mr. Marcus lebt und arbeitet heute in Los Angeles / Kalifornien in den. Start seiner Karriere war 1994 im Alter von 24 Jahren.

News, Informationen, Musik, Clips und Pics:

Kommentar: Ein netter und verdammt cooler Typ. Der allerdings auch schon mal richtig hart zur Sache kommt. Sein geiler Body lässt jede Frau schmelzen und mit viel Coolnes bringt er sie dann zum explodieren. Hot Daddy!

OBZ: What is your normal day like? A shooting Day?
MR.MARCUS: I usually rise about 7am, if I'm going to the gym I'm there by 9am and work out till 11am, if I'm shooting I try to be on the road before noon. Most of my shoots are in the afternoon, so I have the morning to dedicate to errands and local business.

OBZ: Do they also direct themselves?
MR.MARCUS: Most scenes are discussed before on set and sometimes the set ups are simple and other times complicated, meaning different locations, longer shoot schedules. But that's normally known before hand so I'm prepared for it.

OBZ: Does your work affect your normal day life? What do your friends think of you?
MR.MARCUS: It doesn't affect my normal day, because majority of the time I finish before 5pm. Which is normal business hours. I continue into the night cause I aint normal. My friends have nothing but respect, they wanna be down and I try to include them all the shit I do.

OBZ: How did you get this job?
MR.MARCUS: It wasn't a job when I started, it became my career once I realized I didn't wanna be in any other business.

OBZ: You must get a lot of fan mail. Do you read and answer them? Is it important for you to keep your porn image, or are you a totally different person off set?
MR.MARCUS: I get tons of emails, which I do my best to answer if I have the time. I'm two people in one. I'm a porn star, for lack of a better word, when I'm on set or thinking sexual thoughts. But I have to who I am before, during and after all of this. And that makes me just like you.

OBZ: Have you ever had a problem with your libido while shooting a porn?
MR.MARCUS: I've had problems, but I learned it's because I had to many things on my mind, so I learned to clear my mind before shooting and my libido works just fine.

OBZ: Don't you have any fear of contracting sexually transmitted diseases?
MR.MARCUS: Not necessarily fear. I stay tested and don't mind using a condom. Besides I usually just work with other performers who are tested and STD free.

OBZ: What is the most embarassing thing that happened to you on set?
MR.MARCUS: We were filming in France on a small boat and when I was standing naked on the bow of the boat I noticed on the beach a bunch of kids staring and pointing. I was truly embarassed.

OBZ: What is the best experience you ever had (generally)?
MR.MARCUS: I've had a bunch of good experiences. Generally it keeps getting better.

OBZ: Does a porn actor like you have other dreams and goals?
MR.MARCUS: Of course. I'm working on my clothing line Daddy Inc. and DaddyGirl, I like hosting parties and traveling. Lately I've done panels discussing sex in the entertainment industry.

OBZ: Is it easy to become a porn actor?
MR.MARCUS: Yes, it's easy. But it's the longevity that becomes a challenge.

OBZ: Imagine you have the possiblity to thank all your friends, your family and the people who are important to you in your life, what would you tell them?
MR.MARCUS: Thank you for the love and respect. And for the un-conditional support through all these years. Thank you for the challenges and for allowing me to learn from my mistakes, with forgiveness.

OBZ: What are your plans for the future?
MR.MARCUS: I plan on being successful and blessed. Supporting others and learning from everyone. Be Daddy!

Kleiner Steckbrief von Mr. Marcus:
- Haarfarbe: Schwarz.
- Augenfarbe: Braun.
- Hobbies: Reading and sleeping.
- Lieblingsfilm: The Shining.
- Lieblingsmusik: R&B and Hip-Hop.
- Lieblingsessen: Lasagna and Taco's.
- Lieblingsbuch: The Bible.
- Lieblingsstadt: Los Angeles.
- Lieblingsland: Tahiti.
- Lebensmotto: Be Daddy.

© Mr. Marcus.
© Dewey Darko.



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