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Interview mit Tommy D.

Interviewdatum: 18. Dezember 2007.

Bi-Pornostar Tommy D. wurde am 07. April 1980 in Fortuna, Californien geboren. Tommy lebt und arbeitet heute in San Francisco / Amerika.

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Kommentar: Tommy D. ist ein sehr freundlicher Mensch und ein echt heißer Pornodarsteller. Dadurch dass er wie jeder Mensch (wie du und ich) sehr natürlich rüber kommt, hat er eine besondere Anziehungskraft auf die weiblichen aber auch auf die männlichen Zuschauer. Mit einigen guten Einstellungen im Leben... Ein Job ist ein Job oder Arbeit ist Arbeit. Tommy D. beweist mit seiner Person das auch der Beruf des Pornodarstellers ein ganz normaler Job ist, wie jeder andere auch. Ein Job vor dem man sich nicht Schämen braucht. Geschmäcker sind eben verschieden...

OBZ: You shoot porn movies right? What is your normal day like?
TOMMY: When i'm not shooting porn i work construction in San Francisco. A day like that starts with me getting up at 4:30am to start work in the city by 6:00am, 1 hour commute time. I work from 6am to 2pm and get back home around 3:30pm. I go straight to the gym and workout, then tan after the gym 3 to 4 times a week. I go home, shower and work online answering emails and preparing for the next shoot. If it happens to be a tuesday i do my weekly cam show from 6:30pm to 7pm. Then i eat dinner and relax so i can be in bed by 9pm. Rinse and repeat. When the shooting starts the days are always different. I get the schedule before the shoot and i generally shoot everyday for 6 to 7 days in a row. We rent a different house every month so that our scenes always have a different setting. I drive to the shoots as they are local and are never more than an hour drive from my home. As for the scenes everything usually runs pretty smoothly. If all goes well i can do a scene in about 2 hours from the time i arrive on set until i leave.

OBZ: I have read on your website that you are bisexual. What does your wife think of that?
TOMMY: She loves it. We are having a lot of fun living a swingers lifestyle. It's the relationship i always dreamed of having.

OBZ: Do you sometimes direct pornos?
TOMMY: I actually direct all my own scenes. My cameraman and i have a great working relationship and between his ideas and mine we come up with some really fun ideas for scenes.

OBZ: Does your work affect your normal day life? What do your friends think of you?
TOMMY: My life is wonderful. I love what i do and my friends are all very supportive. If i had a friend that didn't like what i do for a living they wouldn't be my friend anymore. Sounds harsh i know but if somone has a problem with my lifestyle then that's their problme not mine, lol.

OBZ: How did you get this job?
TOMMY: I was given a business card one day at the local mall and a few months later i really needed some cash so i took the plunge and the rest is history.

OBZ: Now that you are famous and have a fanclub and your own website, do you involve yourself with the editing of this website?
TOMMY: I have a lot of control over my website, how it's run and how it looks. I have been working with the office for the past few months on a redesign that will be live very soon. I really think that my fans will like the look of my site once it's redone.

OBZ: You must get a lot of fan mail. Do you read and answer them? Is it important for you to keep your porn image, or are you a totally different person off set?
TOMMY: I read and answer every email i get from fans. I take that very seriously. I think part of my success can be attributed to the fact that my fans know they can interact with me. I'm not just some naked body in porn that they can't talk to. I'm no different off set than i am on. I always tried to be myself whether i'm doing a scene or making a public appearance. I truly believe that if you're not genuine that it will show through in your work and I want my fans to know the real me. The good and the bad.

OBZ: Have you ever had a problem with your libido while shooting a porn?
TOMMY: I generally never do. I get turned on pretty easily and even if the person i'm shooting with doesn't completely do it for me it's ok because i have a great imagination. The only times i struggle a little are when i get really tired after several days of long shoots or if i get sick like i did on this months shoot. But hey, the show must go on :)

OBZ: Don't you have any fear of contracting sexually transmitted diseases?
TOMMY: I think that every porn star should always have that fear. It is indeed one of the hazards of the industry. I take all the precautions i can to keep myself safe and the rest is up to luck. Our studio requires everyone to be Aim tested before each shoot. That means i get tested at least once a month. It's been over 5 years and, knock on wood, i havn't had a bad test yet. We also use condoms in all our scenes. The only exception is for couples, like my wife and i for example.

OBZ: What is the most embarassing thing that happened to you on set?
TOMMY: Probably the time i had a really great cum shot and hit the cameraman in the forehead on accident. He was so startled we had to reshoot the cumshot on another day because he dropped the camera.

OBZ: What is the best experience you ever had (generally)?
TOMMY: I think winning awards for Best Amateur Scene and Best Online Amateur Porn Star at the WeHo XXX Awards last year was one of the most amazing things that have happened in my life lately. It meant a lot because the fans decided who won. I was very honored.

OBZ: Does a porn actor like you have other dreams and goals?
TOMMY: I have so many dreams and goals i can barely remember them all. I have thought a lot about starting my own construction company one day if i ever decide that i'm done with porn. But most likely i think i'll stay in the industry even after i'm done being in front of the camera.

OBZ: Is it easy to become a porn actor?
TOMMY: I think it is easy to get into porn these days. Not a lot of people can actually do it but it's not hard to get porn work now that there are so many small website productions. Becoming a "pornstar" is hard because the fans make you a star, all you can do is try your best. You just never know whether or not the fans are going to like someone.

OBZ: Imagine you have the possiblity to thank all your friends, your family and the people who are important to you in your life, what would you tell them?
TOMMY: I thank them all for supporting me and allowing me to live my life in a way that makes me truly happy. I respect them all so much for not judging me. I am truly blessed with amazing people all around me.

OBZ: What are your plans for the future?
TOMMY: Now that i have bought a home i plan to keep working construction and making my website grow so that i can start investing for my future. As for what i'm going to do i can't really say. It seems that in my life amazing opportunities seem to present themselves at the right time. I just want to try different things whenever i get the chance.

Kleiner Steckbrief von Tommy:
- Hobbys: Wrestling, Bowling, Biking, Golf, Movies, Watching Football, Playing World of Warcraft (Yes i'm a computer nerd :)
- Lieblingsfilm: Rent, and all the seasons of Scrubs
- Lieblingsmusik: R&B, Alternative, Oldies, Rock
- Lieblingsessen: Cheeseburgers!
- Lebensmotto: Life is short, Get laid as much as you can! Just kidding. I think in life the best you can do is be a kind person and treat people with the respect that they deserve.
- Lieblingsbuch: Don't read much but always loved Where the Red Fern Grows
- Lieblingsstadt: San Francisco.
- Lieblingsland: USA.

© Tommy D.
© Dewey Darko.



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